Brazil's most prestigious Congress for T&D and RH 22,000 interactions in three days of event!

The Ideal That Moves the World. What moves people and organizations to do more and be better every day? What is your purpose and how does it impact your career and the culture of your company?

A total of 70 speakers reflected on Purpose, Motivation and the Future!

These were the subjects covered in the 32nd edition of CBTD. Around 2,500 participants had the experience of attending a totally Smart-Connected event! 

74 contents published

308 interactions per content

89% of the contents created were shared

9ooo plus
to contents

Living a smarter, more connected experience gives speakers greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering content to participants. You will no longer hear: " You can receive the presentation by email" with Midiacode this has all changed. Now people leave with it in their smartphones.

The experience of the CBTD congressmen was super positive.
Before they even arrived at the event, they received via e-mail a login and password for Midiacode to access the schedule and a map of the congress.
Early on they saw what it is like to participate in a smart event.

When they arrived at the congress, in addition to the guide, participants could capture the contents of the CBTD through the Smart QR Code on the name tag and at the door of each room or auditorium.

As they entered the halls and auditoriums, attendees captured the code that was projected onto the screen. With this they could accompany the contents of the lectures simultaneously. As there were several events happening at the same time in the space of the rooms with a certain number of people, some attendees could not participate in all the lectures. So in order not to miss the lectures and their respective contents, one week after the event, every attendee, received the catalog listing every lecture with the respective contents, all available through Midiacode.

According to Mr Igor Cozzo, director of the ABTD, there were no complaints at all about the use of the platform, reiterating our concern about the quality and delivery of a truly relevant experience for the attendees.

CBTD Brazil's most prestigious
Congress for T&D and RH 

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