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CSC Connected Smart Cities

In two days of event,
more than 13,000 interactions!

The concept of intelligent cities forces us understand, that any city,
has to deal with citizens and visitors alike in an intelligent, connected and sustainable way



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CSC Connected Smart Cities
"Cities of the Future in Brazil", an event produced by Sator, was held on June 21 and 22 at the Frei Caneca Convention Center in São Paulo Brazil.

The themes proposed were debated, people participated and praised the event and the scheduling, the things that most caught the attention was the degree of innovation and interactivity of the CSC.

All participants were able to experience, in a simple and practical way, the logic of a smart and sustainable city in the event itself, after all, smart cities, ask for intelligent answers.

Before the public arrived at the event, the participants recived a message to install Midiacode on their smartphones. this allowed people to capture content relivent to the event, as soon as they arrived at the conference center, so they could interact during the event, and importantly later thru the Midiacode platform. Almost all the lectures, were available on our Platform and items such as the CSC event program, catalogs, the event map could be accessed, saved and shared via smartphone.

And the interactions did not stop there. The contents continued to reverberate in people's phones, upto two weeks after the event, with another 2000 plus interactions.

CSC saved more than 20 thousand reais around US$ 5000 with a digital CSC event program and cataogs, not to mention the event celebrates the minimal use of paper, being its most sustainable version of all time.

Participants easly adapted to Midiacode, since 99% of the information captured was not deleted from their smartphones after the event.

Robson Lisboa, CEO and founder of Midiacode platform says "it is necessary to make events more intelligent and sustainable, while giving attendees a chance to access information when and where they want."

The platform Anylitics help the event organisers identify the contents that are of most interes to the public and this is of real interest to the event.
Events should be increasingly relevant for the participants," adds Lisbon.

Our environment can be intelligent and sustainable. And it seems that the most important event in the countys' sector is smart and connected.

CSC - Connected Smart Cities

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