If you are a developer, create mini-apps and develop integrations using our API


Mini-apps are specific applications that aim to solve a single problem, such as: event scheduling, business cards directory, price list consultation, among others.


With a mini-app, you can extend a super app including new features for users, or you can adapt existing web systems with Midiacode Mini-App technology.


The Midiacode Mini-App technology is web-based (HTML, CSS, and javascript) and known to most developers. It allows you to quickly and, with little development, adapt existing systems.


Updating these mini-apps is instantaneous and does not require sending a new version to the app stores.


Users can capture new functionality without having to reinstall the native app on their mobile. And for those who have little storage space, the new features take up very little (about 0.01 MB).

How does the mini-app in the Powered by Midiacode super app work?

In apps powered by Midiacode, a mini-app is content of a special type. It runs inside a native Android and iOS webview. Enabling a mini-app on the Midiacode platform is only done by our technical team. Due to security requirements, access to web content in the webview of apps powered by Midiacode is restricted.

You developer can host this mini-app on your hosting service. Or we can also host on our servers.

Is it possible to share user session for transparent authentication in mini-app?

Your mini-app can transparently authenticate using a Javascript module that we inject into the webview browser’s DOM. This functionality allows for a more embedded and fluid experience, as it does not require the user to explicitly log in again. This authentication flow can be fully transparent.


The Midiacode API can be used to integrate features into your app or even manage and publish content across systems (S2S).
01. Public

It does not need special connectivity infrastructure such as VPN or private gateways.

02. Rest

The most used modern pattern today.

03. For Publisher

As a publisher you can create QR Codes, shorten links, upload content, edit QR Code, links and content at any time. You can build and integrate all features of the Midiacode platform into your system.

04. For User

Integrate content capture features into your application and collection management.

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