Digital Business Cards

With the digital business card your data is available to be edited and shared whenever you want

Midiacode offers

The information you put on your business card through our app can be shared with people and they can save it on their smartphone


The person stores the content that interests him on the smartphone. Saw a product with a QR Code in a shop window, captured what he liked.


Updated information with multiple links (video, URL, e-commerce)


The person takes their content with them to access whenever they want on their cell phone


The content that the person has access to can be shared with as many people as they want

Fast and Intuitive

With just one touch, the person captures the content, stores it on their cell phone and then can consult and share whenever they want.

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QR CODE Capture

At any time, a client or friend can point his smartphone camera at the QR Code stamped on your smartphone screen or even on your paper business card to grab your business card.

All the information you provided on your digital business card will automatically be loaded on her smartphone: name, telephone numbers, emails, company website, social networks, area of activity, position, and address.

Whenever you update the information, all the people who captured your Digital Business Card can be notified (via the app), and when they open the notification, they will already have the updated information! Isn’t that cool?

Make your
BRAND more
with our


You show your QR Code to anyone to capture your business card


Whenever you create a digital business card in our app, it also generates a link with all your business information that can be shared anytime through messaging, for instance.



When you create a digital business card in our app, you will find the share button, so your business information can be sent to whoever you want via WhatsApp or any other app installed on your smartphone.


You can send your digital card also by email. The recipient opens it and saves the contact on their smartphone

How to set up your DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD with Midiacode, in a few steps...

To start your digital business card, please follow the basic steps below.

You have two ways to start using Midiacode digital business card: personal use and corporative use. 

Individual use

Our Digital Business Card, for individual use, is FREE!

1) Install the super app MIDIACODE on your smartphone.

2) Login with an account. It can be made via email or social login (Facebook or Google).

3) Access the Profile button, which is the right lower button on-screen, and fill in the information you want to share on your Digital Business Card.

4) After saving the card, your QR Code will automatically show your brand new Digital Business Card.


5) Show the QR Code to anybody you want to share your Digital Business Card with. They just need to use the smartphone’s camera.


Corporate use

Our Digital Business Card, for Corporate use, is paid!  

1) Login at Midiacode Studio and get to your account; upgrade and select the plan according to the number of Digital Business Cards your company will need. For each Business Card, you will use one Dynamic QR Code.

2) After paying, you will get a welcome message in your email.

3) Create the Digital Business Cards by accessing the option CREATE BUSINESS CARD. 

4) Follow the instructions on the screen.

We are the most complete solution for Corporate Digital Business Cards. But we are also the most affordable! Isn’t it awesome?

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