What is Midiacode and what can it do for you?

What is Midiacode?

Midiacode is a unique platform that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. It provides a suite of mobile marketing tools under one login, allowing businesses to create engaging campaigns and share content with consumers directly on their smartphones.

With Midiacode we want to create connections between brands and consumers. We want to organize content, tasks and system interactions into people’s smartphone. We converge all brand interactions into users’ devices, no matter if they come from physical or digital interactions.


What tools does Midiacode offer?

Midiacode equips you with a powerful toolbox that includes:

  • Advanced QR Codes: These go beyond your typical QR Code. They can store more information, like links, PDFs, and even multiple web pages. Plus, they’re dynamic, so you can update the content they link to without needing to reprint the code itself.
  • Super Apps: Want to build your own mobile app to connect with customers? Midiacode lets you do just that! Create a branded app to distribute content and interact with your audience in a personalized way.
  • Mobile Content Hosting: Upload PDFs, brochures, or any other content you want to share. Users who scan your QR Codes will be able to access this content conveniently on their smartphones.
  • Link Shortener: Long URLs can be a pain to share and print. Midiacode’s link shortener creates clean, concise links that are easy to manage and distribute.
  • Landing Pages: Design custom landing pages to capture leads or promote specific offers. These targeted pages can help you achieve your marketing goals more effectively.
  • Virtual Business Cards: Ditch the paper cards! Share your contact information and links with a simple tap using a Midiacode virtual business card.
  • Location-Based Marketing: Take your marketing a step further with location-based features. Trigger targeted content based on a user’s location, making your campaigns even more relevant and engaging.


How does Midiacode benefit businesses?

Midiacode empowers businesses in several ways:

  • Create Engaging QR Codes: Design QR Codes that reflect your brand identity and choose the information you want to share. Midiacode offers different QR Code generations, with the third generation offering the most versatility.
  • Effortless Content Publishing: Upload your PDFs and other content to Midiacode’s servers for easy access by users who scan your QR Codes.
  • Track Results and Measure Success: Gain valuable insights into your campaigns by seeing how many people scan your QR Codes and interact with your content.


How does Midiacode work for consumers?

How do I get started with Midiacode?

It’s easy! Just download the free Midiacode app. The app is currently available for Android, with iOS and Windows Phone versions coming soon.


What can I do with Midiacode app?

Midiacode app unlocks a world of possibilities:

  • Scan any QR Code: The app functions as a universal QR Code reader. It can scan both standard QR Codes and those created specifically with Midiacode.
  • Access Content Instantly: View PDFs, links, videos, and other information shared through Midiacode.
  • Save and Organize Information: Keep all your captured content neatly organized in one place on your phone for easy access.
  • Share with Others: Share interesting content you discover through Midiacode with friends and family via email, social media, and other channels.


Why choose Midiacode?

What are the advantages of using Midiacode over traditional methods?

Midiacode offers several unique advantages:

  • More Engaging Content: Share rich media content like PDFs and videos alongside your QR Codes, making your campaigns more interactive and informative.
  • Offline Access: Users can access captured content even without an internet connection, ensuring they always have the information they need.
  • Dynamic Updates: Edit your content and links without needing to reprint QR Codes. This keeps your information fresh and eliminates the hassle of physical updates.
  • Organized Information: Users can store all their captured content in a central location on their phones, making it easy to find what they need later.
  • Reduced Paper Usage: In some cases, Midiacode can eliminate the need for printed brochures and manuals, promoting a more sustainable approach.
  • Universal QR Code Reader: Midiacode app acts as a one-stop shop for scanning all your QR Codes, regardless of their origin.

By fixing the grammar, improving sentence flow, and maintaining the existing repetition for emphasis, this revised text provides a clear and informative overview of Midiacode while incorporating all the original content in a question-and-answer format.

We took a simple technology, the QR Code, and studied its successes and failures for 12 years. We found improvement opportunities for its massive and scalable use.

We did manage to improve the experience well with these codes:

  • Made it easier to use
  • We add the customer’s brand applied industrially
  • We created the shortened QR Code, we even created the Nano QR Code 3x3mm
  • Faster to read
  • Easier to apply
  • Scalable
  • With multiple connections for publishing automation

For the end consumer, it helps to easily capture information and content that is everywhere, physical or digital, and put it on the Smartphone. Every day we receive information in various media, via the internet, social media, printed with information of all kinds, from brochures with product information, to medication leaflets, magazine and newspaper articles, posters, among others. If the information is relevant to you or you need to share it with someone, just search Midiacode and capture the information for you.



What makes Midiacode different?

We offer advanced QR Codes that go beyond what competitors provide. While they might only offer first and second-generation QR Codes, Midiacode delivers more functionality:

  • First Generation: These basic QR Codes simply link to a URL. They’re free and widely used, but offer limited capabilities.
  • Second Generation: These dynamic QR Codes allow brands to update the destination URL without changing the code itself. They also offer analytics and customization options, but typically aren’t free and only link to one URL.
  • Third Generation (Exclusive to Midiacode): This is where Midiacode shines. Our third-generation QR Codes pack a punch:
    • Content Delivery: They can display content directly, including PDFs, HTML, and links to websites, videos, and e-commerce platforms – all within a single QR Code.
    • Versatility: They can function like a second-generation QR Code, linking to a single URL when needed.
    • Offline Access: Users can access captured content even without an internet connection.
    • App Integration: When used with our super app, users can permanently store captured content on their smartphones.
    • Efficiency: Companies can create and publish content in just minutes, eliminating the need for separate web pages.


The Future that we are already delivering today: Fourth-Generation QR Codes

We’re constantly innovating. We’re already delivering fourth-generation QR Codes that offers content based on even more contextual factors, including the user location and profile. It means that through the same QR code you can deliver, using the example of a TV manufacturer:

When you place a QR Code in the back of a TV set, it will deliver the following content according to the profile of user (remember, the QR Code will be the same):

End-consumer: user manual, warranty conditions, product registration, always updated list of care centers, device accessories to be optionally purchased, regulatory documentation, quick instalation guide, instalation guide, among others.

Sales staff (from stores): training on how to sell that TV, customer segmentation profile, product comparisson, sales incentive campaigns, among others.

Care Center Technician: troubleshooting guide on how to fix that TV set, series and assembly.


Can Midiacode be created with other technologies such as NFC?

The main objective of Midiacode is to connect the physical world with the digital so that the consumer can capture information and content from the physical world to the Smartphone, in an easy and organized way. The contents can be captured through QR Code, NFC, iBeacom, and others that we will implement throughout the time. We created Midiacode with the most cost-effective connection solution first, which is the QR Code. Even so, we created an indexing technology that allows the smallest codes on the market. NFC and iBeacom are configurable technologies. In addition to the QR Code, we have other trigger technologies for the content: geolocation, links on social networks, menus in our super app and even the creation of the publisher client’s own super app



In a media, where is Midiacode located?

Midiacode is usually located at the bottom right of the media. In packaging, you can find Midiacode on the back label of the products or on the side. Some product manufacturers are placing QR Code in the front side of the product.



If I don’t find a Midiacode printed along with the information I want to capture, will I still be able to capture the information?

No, if the presentation, content, print, or packaging does not have a Midiacode on it, you will not be able to capture the information unless you use a camera.



Can I capture information even when I am in a place without Internet coverage?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a plane reading a magazine or on a subway viewing a poster offering a coupon (ie in areas with no carrier coverage and no Wifi), just open your app and capture Midiacode. You can even share your Midiacode with friends and family. When capturing a Midiacode without Internet coverage, you will not be able to view the content online, but don’t worry, the content is already saved on your Smartphone for later reference, as soon as you enter a coverage zone.


What are the advantages of using Midiacode instead of a common QR Code?

Midiacode is a real revolution in relation to the common QR Code. In our company, we studied and observed for years the technologies that mediate between the physical and digital worlds to create a solution that eliminates all the limitations of the common QR Code. If you want to publish information, whether in the marketing department of a large corporation or in a small fast printing company (or even in a micro company) it is important to understand some of the advantages of Midiacode over common QR Codes:


5 Reasons Why Midiacode is the Powerhouse Behind Cutting-Edge QR Code Experiences (why selec Midiacode and not other QR Code provider)

Tired of limited, static QR Codes? Midiacode is a revolutionary platform that unlocks the true potential of QR Codes, offering a dynamic and content-rich experience for both businesses and consumers. Here’s why Midiacode is the clear winner:

Reason 1: Unleash Content Freedom

  • Go beyond basic links: Showcase any content behind your QR Code – websites, videos, AR experiences, and more.
  • Update content instantly: Keep your audience engaged with fresh experiences by updating content in real-time.

Reason 2: Effortless Management & Collaboration (Icon: Two hands working together)

  • Track scans, schedule campaigns, and manage everything from a user-friendly platform.
  • Collaborate seamlessly: Streamline your workflow by working with colleagues on projects within the platform.

Reason 3: Futureproof Innovation (Icon: Rocket)

  • Be the first to experience the future: Only Midiacode offers 4th generation QR Codes, delivering targeted content based on user location, language, and scan behavior.
  • Unlock hyper-personalization: Integrate powerful Super Apps with your QR Codes to create hyper-contextual experiences that wow your audience.

Reason 4: Unbeatable Value (Icon: Stack of coins with a checkmark)

  • Maximize your ROI: Get the most out of your budget with competitive pricing and flexible plans catering to your specific needs.

Reason 5: Trusted by Leaders (Icon: Checkmark shield)

  • Partner with a platform trusted by industry leaders: Join top global companies who rely on Midiacode for powerful QR Code solutions (Show logos of well-known companies using Midiacode).

Don’t settle for average QR Code solutions. Level up your marketing strategy with Midiacode, the QR Code powerhouse.



Does Midiacode deliver content other than PDF? Could I deliver an MP3 song, for example?

Midiacode was designed to eliminate the need for people to carry paper around. Nobody likes to carry paper anymore. Therefore, Midiacode delivers the PDF of the paper content to the end consumer’s Smartphone, plus other correlated content. These other contents are delivered via URL links (to web pages, youtube video or e-commerce). In the web page link, you can point to other media formats, like MP3.


Is Midiacode paid?

Midiacode is completely free for the end consumer and always will be. For those who publish, Midiacode has a good free Trial package, so that the platform can be tested before publishing to a large audience. With a large volume of distribution, those who publish must upgrade their plan.



I don’t have a company, can I publish using Midiacode?

Yes, sure! Any person, company, or institution can publish on Midiacode. We are an absolutely democratic, open, and plural platform.



Are there statistics on the number of people who are capturing my content, downloading my PDF, and accessing my links?

Midiacode allows your form to be “clicked” with the end consumer’s smartphone. On being clicked, Midiacode counts how many people are capturing, downloading, accessing links, and sharing its content.



How do I create a Midiacode?

Creating a Midiacode is super easy: after logging in, enter the Publishing link (click here to access it) and click on the “Create a new Midiacode” button. From this moment on, there are 6 simple steps to publish your Midiacode, in approximately 5 minutes:

  1. Enter your Midiacode name
  2. Set the category of your content
  3. Set 3 links for website, Youtube video and e-commerce site. These items are completely optional. You can enter only one of the links, all or none. Full flexibility.
  4. Receive the design from Midiacode. In this step, you will see Midiacode assigned to your content. Save it to your computer and insert it into your print design, using the editing tools you like: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
  5. With the design of your content already finalized, that is, with Midiacode inserted, upload your PDF to Midiacode servers. This file is exactly what will be distributed to your customers.

Save and publish your content.



Are there restrictions on the content that can be published?

Although any person, company or institution can publish on Midiacode, there are restrictions on the content that can be published. In principle, everything can be published as long as it does not contain information related to the practice of crimes, illegal actions, racism and discrimination, among other correlates and typified by law.



What is the maximum size of the PDF that I can publish in Midiacode?

The maximum PDF size is 5 Megabytes. However, always proofread your content so that it is as small as possible. A folder has an average of 150 Kilobytes, or 0.15 Megabytes. The smallest size is always ideal for your content as it will be downloaded by users all over the world, most of the time on Smartphones connected through cell phone operators, with low delivery speed connections. If your content gets too big, the end consumer will have to wait a long time to download and this can frustrate them, even motivating them to give up on downloading.



What materials can Midiacode be applied to?

Midiacode can be applied to any physical media: paper, wood, plastic, labels, metal, glass, etc. Normally, Midiacode is applied in printed matter, such as folders, flyers, brochures, books, notebooks, magazines, newspapers, advertisements inside magazines/newspapers, fashion catalogs, product catalogs, packaging, medicine leaflets, product labels, clothing, shop windows and doors, restaurant menus, posters and information panels, movie posters, programming guides, toys, academic papers, among many others. Everything that receives an impression can carry a Midiacode, with useful information for the consumer. Midiacode may contain more content, including marketing your products to your customer.

In magazines, when sharing a story via Midiacode, editors can insert clickable advertising pages that can be sold to advertisers.

Midiacode is fantastic for business events, where visitors can capture all the most relevant content without losing contact with exhibitors. Many visitors end up throwing away many of the forms received, even those that interest them, so they don’t have to carry paper. Midiacode solves this dilemma definitively.

In digital “prints”, Midiacode can also be applied, as electronic media in elevators or in company halls, banks, malls, etc. In greeting cards on Facebook, distribution of fashion catalogs on social networks, among others.



How to get the app?

To download the application on your Smartphone, just access the Google Play application store and search for Midiacode. Soon we will also be making Midiacode available on the Apple Store and Windows Phone Store.



Is it necessary to have a lot of people with Midiacode application installed for me to start my campaign with content from my company?

Not. Your content can be distributed even if no person in your region has Midiacode. This happens because when scanning a Midiacode through another QR Code reader, the consumer will be automatically directed to create a Midiacode account. With the account created, your content will already be associated with your consumer. Then the consumer is led to download Midiacode application. Every time he shares your content with friends and family, he also distributes the app automatically.



Can Midiacode be used on packaging and labels?

Yes. Midiacode uses an indexing technology that allows the smallest codes on the market. We know how important this is for companies, as spaces on labels and packaging are always highly sought after. Companies can distribute a lot of relevant content to their consumers through their product packaging and labels.

See some examples below:

  • Food companies can distribute Cookbooks through Midiacode applied directly to their product labels
  • Printer companies can distribute the Installation Manual through Midiacode applied to the back label of the equipment. That is, the exact manual of the customer’s printer model will be delivered, without errors, and without doubts. The company can still put the link to the printer installation driver associated with the Manual in Midiacode. Thus, printer customers will no longer need to go to these companies’ websites and search or try to guess which exact printer model they have.
  • Very small packages will be able to inform the nutritional factors of food products through Midiacode, in addition to being able to deliver much more information about the product to consumers.
  • Car manuals can be associated with a Midiacode, printed on a label that can be placed in the glove compartment or on the side of the doors. Even if the customer loses the printed manual, he will never lose the manual through Midiacode.
  • Several other printed materials, such as installation details for electrical or electronic equipment, in-depth manuals on toy safety, among others.


After publishing, can I change the content and links that Midiacode points to?

Yes, all codes created in Midiacode are dynamic. This means that you can create content and update it as often as you like.

Links associated with content can also be updated unlimitedly. An important point to note is that your consumer has already captured your content and that if you modify it, they may become frustrated. Updates of the same content are always welcome.



Is it easy to update my Midiacode PDF?

It is very easy to update the already published Midiacode PDF. Just enter the Published Midiacodes page and access the content you want to update. Open step 5 and load the new (updated) PDF. In step 6, click Save and Publish.



Can I share the content I capture?

Yes, all Midiacode content is shareable through all mechanisms installed on your Smartphone: email, WhatsApp, Evernote, Facebook, Skype, Linkedin, Twitter, Dropbox, Bluetooth, Message, Wifi direct, etc etc etc.



Can Midiacode app capture common QR Codes?

Yes, Midiacode can be used as your universal QR Code reader. In addition to capturing Midiacodes, giving you the chance to store information in an intelligent and organized way, Midiacode app also reads the most common QR Codes.



Is it possible to distribute coupons with Midiacode?

Unlimited coupons (no numbering) can be distributed via Midiacode. Numbered coupons, coming soon.



Can Midiacode decrease paper printing?

Many people believe that Midiacode can slow down paper printing. However, to be captured, in most of the examples given, Midiacode needs to be printed on a medium, which is usually paper. We believe that Midiacode can enhance paper printing as it is a technology that adds value to paper printing. In some cases, savings can be made. In others, higher print volume.



I would like to resell Midiacode. It is possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can access the reseller plan, with exclusive benefits for Midiacode partners. If you want more information, send a message to info@midiacode.com