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Discover some of the advantages of downloading the Midiacode app

QR Code Reader

We have the best and fastest QR Code reader in the world. Aimed, captured!

Organized Content

Our content is organized by category, which makes it easy to find

Offline content

The captured contents do not take up your phone’s memory

Registers QR Code of many types

You can capture different kinds of QR Codes  and store them in the app

Content Channels

You capture only one channel and receive multiple content on it

Share content

You can share the content you find interesting with whoever you want

what OUR CLIENTS say

"In addition to the Midiacode QR Code having helped Claro to create a greater connection and present in the palm of the customer's hand, their service and competence make all the difference."
Nayana Pizzolatto
"I'd like to start by saying that I really liked the platform a lot, and I see a lot of added value for all our needs in terms of communication and collaboration."
César Ribeiro