Corporative Education

Your training and corporate communication will never be the same again!

Midiacode Helps

your company to develop high-performance employees. Giving them access to content that is always updated and at any time is essential.
See some features below:


Keep your employees always up to date on any company information.

Available contents

Make content available (documents, newsletters, policies, etc.) and measure access to each of them.

Control over content

Have full control over the content made available to your employees and those accessed by them.


Deliver interactivity in training and capacity building. Your employees will be able to capture, save and share (when enabled) the contents of their training and qualifications to consult them whenever they want.

Continuous training

Take advantage of every moment of your employees for training. It doesn't matter where they are, because with mobile content delivery, their training can be remote and accessible to all employees and from anywhere.


internal and external communication

internal marketing

push notification


All in the palm of your team's hand





Add GAMIFICATION to your trainings and increase engagement!

Create your games in a few minutes and share them through Midiacode Gamification, even without any programming knowledge. Here are some of the benefits of developing skills with gamification:

Team Integration



Learning Personalization


Autonomy and Creativity



Data and Intelligence


Gamifying means using game design and mechanics to motivate and engage people to achieve their goals.

Why Gamify with Midiacode?

Because you can...

Some of our customers
DIFFERENT in the segment but EQUAL in the INNOVATION!

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