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Every single person on this planet has a wealth of contextual information. They want to get information from your brand at all touchpoints, whether physical or digital. Are you delivering the information your customers need? We have a clear solution to help your brand create meaningful connections with your customers.

Yes, the world is increasingly technological and we need to be aware of it!

Get to know some companies that realised this in time, started internal and external changes, and innovated with us!

Today, they are able to measure the actual level of customer satisfaction and take quick action to improve the product or service offered.

Currently, they deliver much more intelligence to an increasingly demanding, tuned, and connected audience!

Some of our customers

Success Cases

Some impressive results from customers and partners in different segments: Telephony, Events, Associations, T&D, Industries, Environmental Management, Sports, Universities, Internet Companies, Entrepreneurship, Smart Cities, and so on. ​

Claro connects the dots in all possible purchase journeys, in all touchpoints and knows which journey performs best through analytics

The magazine in the palm of the associate’s hand and the price list of generic medicines made Abcfarma have a greater growth of 260% in engagement with its audience

Events and content with QR Codes made Abranet associates more connected and updated with the best on the internet market

The use of dynamic QR Codes allowed an even greater connection with the ED 2021 Experience audience in its hybrid events

For the Department of Education of Pinhais, municipality of Paraná, Midiacode technology generates results, reduces expenses and enhances learning

With the Scouts super app, the public has on their smartphone: gamification, information, scout calendar and much more.

WHat our clients say

"With Midiacode, the teacher practices the concept of the flipped classroom by delivering content to students with a click and the student has the content always accessible to study wherever and however he wants".
Márcia Galindo
Head of the Support Section for Continuing Education and Pedagogical Coordination, City Hall of Pinhais/PR
"The world is no longer what it used to be and that has suddenly changed, but the modernity for content and the security of having information always at hand I had the pleasure of meeting in my undergraduate degree and I carry the concept with me wherever I go. Thank you Midiacode, for this fantastic innovation, never any QR Code will satisfy me!"
Celso henrique
Executive Manager at ABCFARMA

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