Want your students connected to your classes?

The Mediacode Transforms

quickly and easily, the experience of students and teachers, inside and outside the institution.

Studies from anywhere

Students can study content shared or given in the classroom from wherever they want: from home, on the road, in the library, and so on. This is because the content stays on their smartphone.

Shareable Content

Teachers share content with students through the QR Code that can be on their cell phone, or projected on the classroom wall or wherever they are.

Zero Paper

Printing costs for students and teachers can reach zero. All content given in the classroom is stored in the cloud to be accessed by cell phone, tablet or computer, be it exams, work or daily affairs.

Updated Content

Whenever the creator of the content (teacher or student) wants to change it, everyone who had access to it will automatically receive the update.

Push Notification

Every time the content is updated, people can be notified, on their smartphone, that there is news in the QR Code that they have captured or received.

Smartphone in the classroom

The use of technology in the classroom and in virtual classes has been increasing more and more, and when well used, both students and teachers are benefited.

class content

work presentation

exam calendar



content on smartphone

academic calendar

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of Work

Condition to study from anywhere

Classroom experience with and without Mediacode

All content on smartphone

Smart-connected Academic Calendar

Everyone benefits from an updated platform that immediately delivers content from teachers to students, even reaching those who were unable to attend certain classes, as content can be shared, at the beginning of the class, by smartphone.


We have simple and 3rd generation QR Codes. You just choose yours and start using it.