Digital Political Flyer

Transform your electoral campaign and innovate with the best media of the year, the QR Code! Also, be a modern and connected candidate and learn how to publish your campaign faster and with fewer expenses!

What Midiacode offers

Extra content about your campaign from the digital flyer and all other marketing contents , including TV and Internet, directly on the consumer’s smartphone in a way:


The voter keeps all the content that interests him on his smartphone.


Updated information with multiple links (video, URL, e-commerce and any other).


The voter keeps the content of your campaign to access it, by smartphone, whenever they want.


The content that voters have access to can be shared with as many people as they want, thus reaching a greater number of voters.

Fast and Intuitive

With just one touch, the voter captures the content, stores it on their smartphone so they can consult and share it whenever they want.


Whenever you want to update content, everyone who captured the QR Code will receive the news.

QR CODE Capture

At any time, consumers can point their smartphone’s camera at the QR Code printed directly on the book or packaging.

All the information you provided in that code will automatically be loaded on his smartphone: your campaign videos, a complete book or a few chapters, a summary, a review, a link to your website, and all the interesting content you want to put in the QR Code.


And more, whenever you update the information, all the people who captured that QR Code can be notified (with the app) and, when they open the content, they will already have the new information! Isn’t that awesome?


In addition to all the examples mentioned, you can also give your voters mini-apps! But what is this?

Through small application modules with specific objectives that you define, your brand will be able to deliver several features to voters and your entire team.

As we are a state-of-the-art QR Code platform, we can deliver different content through the same code, according to the user’s profile.


See some examples below:

big data and analytics

You can get to know the voter better and have a direct connection with him


Interactivities with geolocation, at the address you define


Easier and more accessible polls with voters

voter behavior

You can better understand voter behavior through the interactions of the content you make available in QR Codes

why use mediacode in your electoral campaign?

The electoral campaign in Brazil is one of the most modern in the world and you and your party will be able to stand out even more with our QR Code and Super Apps.

Easily put information in the hands of your voters

All the arguments and information that will give them the conviction that you are the best candidate!


Through a Digital Political Flyer, a solution developed by Midiacode, easy to implement in your campaign and super accessible.

The more the voter knows YOU AND YOUR PROPOSALS, the greater the chance of having their vote!

Let’s make the voter know more about your proposal, making an even greater connection with them.

Create your QR Code now and start experimenting with this increasingly used technology.

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