Live On

In a world full of content, lives, webinars, and digital events, Live On is here for you to leave the connection with your audience always ON! Live ON!

Midiacode offers


The person captures the QR Code and stores the content that interests them on their smartphone.

Extra content about your live broadcast in the broadcast itself through the QR Code and all other marketing pieces, including TV and the Internet, directly on the consumer’s smartphone in a way:


Updated information with multiple links (video, URL, e-commerce and any other).


The consumer takes the content of his live to access it, by smartphone, whenever he wants, even after it ends.


The content that your audience has access to can be shared with as many people as you want, increasing the reach of your Live.

Fast and Intuitive

With just one touch, the consumer has access to the content you make available.


Whenever you want to update content, everyone who captures the QR Code will receive the news.

QR CODE Capture

At any time, consumers can point their cell phone camera at the QR Code printed directly on the TV screen, computer, tablet, or cell phone.

All the information you provided in that code will automatically be loaded on his smartphone: your concert schedule, the history of your career, your business, the history of a specific song or all of them, the history of an institution you help, a video, a link to your website, a link for people to buy your product online, the price, high-resolution images, and any other interesting content you want to put in the QR Code.


What’s more, whenever you update the information, all the people who captured that QR Code can be notified (via the app) and, when they open the content, they will already have the new information! Isn’t that cool?


In addition to all the examples mentioned, you can also deliver mini-apps to your audience! And what is this?

Through small application modules with specific objectives that you define, your brand will be able to deliver several functionalities to people and your entire team.

As we are a state-of-the-art QR Code platform, we can deliver different content through the same code, according to the user’s profile.


See some examples below:

big data and analytics

You measure every interaction people make with your QR Code. How many downloads, shares, how many captures, reads, deletions were made and many other data.


You publish a QR Code at the address you want so that people have access to your content without needing to capture the code.


Through the QR Code you can do surveys with your audience.

consumer behavior

You can better understand the behavior of your audience through the interactions of the content you make available in QR Codes.

why use midiacode in your live and make it always on?

At first, Live ON appears to be a regular QR Code, but once you capture it, people will immediately see that there is much more interaction in this content.

You decide the experience your audience will have, from start to end!


Connect and engage with your audience by delivering rich content, interactivity and payment formats that can stay with people even after LIVE ends. Never lose contact with this audience again! Through Live ON you can send content to these people after the end of LIVE!


Add as many interactivity blocks as you like with Live ON. It can be a donation button, product catalogs, presentation slides, filling out form, among others. Individually or all together. It's easy to create and maintain more impactful mobile experiences for your audience.


Live ON integrates with all platforms of means of payment, donation, crowdfunding, etc. By capturing the code, the user will be able to enjoy the content and access the donation button, or the special link, exclusive for this purpose.

What is the problem with QR Codes used in many lives?

Don't make the same mistake.

Anchor your content with the audience

In a world full of content, lives, webinars and other digital events, the QR Code is not fulfilling its role well. It creates a temporary connection with the audience.
Live On is here to anchor your content with your audience, while creating a long-term connection with them. We have the solution and it’s up to you to anchor the connection!

Connection always ON, Live On

Why have access to the donation link or other content only while the event is going on? Leave the connection with your audience always ON, before, during and after the event!

QR Code content can’t end your Live. The connection must continue!

QR Code has to deliver content

People are moving in and out of digital interactions, sometimes happy with the content, sometimes disappointed. But the vast majority leave the interactions without content. The idea is that the QR Code of Lives delivers stories, show schedules, social networks, in short, something that creates an even greater connection with the public, so that they can enjoy the content at any time and share it with whoever they want.

Always anchor your audience

While content providers (artist, speaker, company, association) are having a certain audience in their digital events, they are not anchoring that audience in their properties. At most, they take the person’s email in the registrations, but they lose a lot of contact with them and don’t measure all the interactions they could.

Keep content close at hand

The audience of digital lives and events are not staying with the content of artists, brands or companies. She simply interacts during the event and that’s it, the connection is over. With Live On, the content is always available to your audience, as well as letting you know about your activities and news. You can also interact with it again, running promotions, notifying about new events, doing sweepstakes, sending surveys and much more.

CREATE YOUR LIVE QR CODE NOW and leave your event always on, live on!

We have simple and 3rd generation QR Codes. You just need to choose yours and start using it.