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Are your links big and complicated?

With our shortener, a new, very short link is created, which redirects the user to their original destination link


Your links with only
23 characters


Your link may shorten
up to 97%

See how easy it is to shorten your link

More advantages of our
link shortener


It doesn’t matter how long your URL is or whether your content changes all the time. With a dynamic link, your address will be short and always the same.


Suddenly you have changed your  strategy and no longer want your short link redirected to a web page? OK. You can then turn it into a landing page with a PDF file.


Your short link gets a QR Code for you to print and publish as you wish. We even create the QR Codes with the brand, text, color, or images you want.

Security and Protection

Your links are safe. Our shortener uses HTTPS encryption to prevent unauthorized intrusion, interference and tampering.

Custom Link

Want to customize the short link with your brand? We can register a new domain for you and from there all your links will be with your domain.

Click Counter

We keep record of all accesses to your link so you can have the analytics of the content and make the best decisions based on true data.

Follow the analytics online through our portal!

Advanced Analytics

We analyze multiple data points with each user click, such as geographic regions, for example. Rich information for you to make smarter decisions and better invest your resources.


Do you have too many links to shorten and manage? Talk to our team to create and edit high volumes of links. We can quickly create thousands and thousands of links. 

Very good! It's time for you to shorten your link

What our clients say

“An important platform for companies and organizations that want to embed digital transformation in their services and products.”
Eduardo Neger
Abranet President
"The company Midiacode was really a find. In addition to enjoying the QR Code technology today, we also enjoy the SuperApp that allows us to deliver a differentiated experience to our customers."
Douglas Pedroso
Genealogiq President