Why choose Midiacode?

Midiacode is a complete suite of solutions for mobile marketing and mobile content. There are several tools in a single login.

The most complete tool on the market, making your life easier!

Solution for Mixed Reality

We are a One-stop-shop solution for all your smartphone marketing and content needs, with 3rd generation QR Codes (3 links and 1 content being delivered on every QR Code you create).

In addition to delivering the most complete QR Codes on the market, we also have the 2nd generation ones too, if you want a simpler experience at the beginning.

Our QR Codes do not expire!
Even in the free package. We are a company you can trust to create your campaign.

Unbeatable cost-benefit ratio

compared to previous generation QR Code offerings. Even delivering the most modern QR Codes, we are cheaper and beat any competitor price.

7 in 1

In addition to third-generation QR Codes, in the same account you can shorten URLs (like bit.ly), create a page of links (like linktree), create your digital business card (the most modern on the market), create content mobile web directly on our drive, order a super app fully customized with your brand and colors (and fully integrated with QR Codes), with content storage on AWS servers and the simplest Analytics/BI even using Google Data Studio.

Start with a simple QR Code experience, but start with the right company. When you want to evolve your experience, you will already be with the platform that has more options to deliver the best content to your customer.

We answer
the phone!

We are a company that you hire and you can always call to ask questions, to get campaign ideas and to understand how the other available tools can be used in your context.

We take innovation very seriously!

We are the only solution on the market in the third generation of QR Codes and we are already developing the fourth! Watch the video to the side to understand the difference of QR Codes of each generation!

QR Codes for industrial use

We deliver QR Codes for industrial use on a large scale, fail-safe, with customization, shortened, with API integration for legacy systems and with AUTOMATION to further facilitate the operation of the platform.

Fast process

As the needs of companies and customers are rapidly changing, we adapt to a faster process of continuous product-to-market adjustment.

If you want to go even further

We develop native Super Apps that integrate with your QR Codes brilliantly. We are also the only ones in the market that go so far, so deep into the experience of your customer, consumer or citizen.

Do it all within one account!

And last but not least, with our complete suite of mobile marketing solutions, you don’t have to subscribe too much. Do everything within one login and password!

"Join the movement to provide contextual content for people's never-ending need for more information, here and now"