Why choose Midiacode?

Streamline your mobile marketing efforts with Midiacode. Our all-in-one platform provides a complete set of tools that will save you time and money.

Go beyond basic QR Codes.

We are a One-stop-shop solution for your mobile marketing and content needs, with 3rd generation QR Codes (multiple links and one piece of content being delivered on every QR Code you create). We also provide dynamic QR Codes (2nd generation) for a simpler experience.

Our QR Codes do not expire!

Even in the free package. 

We are a company you can trust to create your campaign.

Maximize your return on investment

Compare us with any other QR Code offer. Even delivering the most modern QR Codes, we are cheaper and beat any competitor’s price.

7 in 1

All-in-One Marketing Toolbox

In addition to third-generation QR Codes, in the same user account, you can

  • Shorten URLs (like bit.ly)
  • Create a page of links (like linktree)
  • Create digital business cards (the most modern on the market)
  • Create mobile web content (microsites)
  • Order a Super App (fully integrated with QR Codes)
  • Content storage
  • Analytics


 That’s what makes up our unbeatable offer!

If you need to start with a simple QR Code experience, do that, but start with the right company. When you want to evolve your experience, you will already be on a platform that has much more to offer.

Exceptional Support

Midiacode is a company that you hire, and you can always call to ask questions, get campaign ideas, and understand how the other available tools can be used in your context.

We answer the phone!

Committed to Innovation

Midiacode is at the forefront of QR Code innovation, developing even more advanced solutions for the future. Watch this video to understand the difference between QR Codes in each generation!

Industrial QR Code Solutions

We also offer customized QR Code solutions for industrial applications, including features like large-scale deployment, fail-safety, customization, shortening, API integration, and automation.

Contact Us Today! Let our team help you create a winning mobile marketing strategy.

Fast process

As the needs of companies and customers are rapidly changing, we adapt to a faster process of continuous product-to-market adjustment.

If you want to go even further

We create native Super Apps that seamlessly integrate with your QR Codes. No other competitor gets as far, so easily, and so affordably as us.

Do it all within one account!

And last but not least, with our complete suite of mobile marketing solutions, you don’t have to subscribe to many tools. Do all mobile marketing work on just one platform with just one login and password!

Let's innovate together!