The classroom, projects and events of the Municipal Department of Education of Pinhais, in Paraná, were transformed by technology through Midiacode


That was the objective when Semed de Pinhais hired our platform.

“The way of learning became more dynamic, attractive and effective”

"Technology generates results, reduces expenses and enhances learning. With the Midiacode platform, content is shared and updated, which makes the way of learning and teaching more dynamic, attractive and effective!"
Márcia Galindo

Flipped classroom

With Midiacode, teachers were able to practice the concept of an inverted classroom, that is, they delivered content to students even before they arrived at school. They studied wherever they wanted and in the classroom, they answered questions and reinforced their learning. All done with their smartphone.

saving time and money

The use of Midiacode allows the school to save time, as the content can be shared by the teacher with the whole class in just one touch on the smartphone. In addition, everyone saves money also because they do not need to print material to present the work, contributing to sustainability.

more engaged students and professionals

The possibility of having integrated and shared tools in a single space raised the level of pedagogical and administrative work in schools and Municipal Centers for Early Childhood Education (CMEIs) in Pinhais, as well as student performance, and was also able to encourage parents and guardians. to closely monitor their children’s development and school performance.

Some of our customers
DIFFERENT in the segment but EQUAL in the INNOVATION!


"I thought it was a great instrument… it makes both the teacher's life and the students' lives easier"
Márcia martinelle
"Through Midiacode we can share the content of the presentation via smartphone, we don't need to take a computer to the institution, let alone print the work to deliver to colleagues."
Clara Lamas

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