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Think about people's everyday lives and how the experience of the digital event you are generating will impact the results for their lives.


Digital Events are those that have digital components in their experience and content structure. They can be divided into hybrid and virtual.

“ we want to deliver better and more connected digital events”

"Digital events have changed and our goal is to deliver better and more connected digital events to our audience and we couldn't miss having the super app by Midiacode. It has helped us a lot to achieve our goal."
Vanessa Martin

app dex

With the DEX app – digital event expert, event participants could have the opportunity to capture the speakers’ presentation on the spot and stay on top of the entire DEX schedule, always updated by the app.


One of our biggest goals at Ed2021 is to train experts in digital events who deliver experiences that delight. There are ways and methods of creating digital events. There are also platforms that cover the needs of various moments of digital events, from promotion, through registration, lectures and others that make up the complete experience, and this platform they refer to is Midiacode.


All content is delivered with our technology by professionals who are national references in the production and delivery of quality content about technology and innovation in digital events in the form of consultancies, courses and differentiated events for event professionals.

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DIFFERENT in the segment but EQUALS in the INNOVATION!

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“An important platform for companies and organizations that want to embed digital transformation in their services and products.”
Eduardo Neger
Abranet President
"I'd like to start by saying that I really liked the platform a lot, and I see a lot of added value for everything we need in terms of communication and collaboration."
Cesar Ribeiro

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