It also uses our QR Codes and increases engagement with the public every day

connected folders

Now customers can have access to promotional combos and various offers from Claro through the QR Codes stamped on the folders.

“Fast and efficient service.”

In addition to the Midiacode QR Code having helped Claro to create a greater connection and present in the palm of the customer's hand, their service and competence make all the difference.
Nayana Pizzolatto

Promotional Folders

With folders spread across all Claro stores and PDV’s, customers can have information about promotional combos and many other products available to them. You don’t have to wait to be served to choose the best plan or product.

QR codes in prints

Customers enter Claro stores and can capture the QR Codes stamped on the printed material to access the offers that most please them.

content on smartphone

The content that the customer captures through the QR Code can be stored on his cell phone to be accessed whenever he wants. And, whenever Claro updates it, the customer will be notified and will always have the information updated.

Some of our customers
DIFFERENT in the segment but EQUALS in the INNOVATION!

what OUR CLIENTS say

"With Midiacode, the teacher practices the concept of the flipped classroom by delivering content to students with a click and the student has the content always accessible to study wherever and however he wants".
Márcia Galindo
Head of the Support Section for Continuing Education and Pedagogical Coordination, City Hall of Pinhais/PR
"The world is no longer what it used to be and that has suddenly changed, but the modernity for content and the security of having information always at hand I had the pleasure of meeting in my undergraduate degree and I carry the concept with me wherever I go. Thank you Midiacode, for this fantastic innovation, never any QR Code will satisfy me!"
Celso henrique
Executive Manager at ABCFARMA

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