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We are communicating to all users of Super App Midiacode (and other whitelabels generated by us) that the mobile platform will undergo an update.

Due to new security and data privacy demands from the Apple iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play) app stores, we have taken the decision to make a deeper update of our apps, updating the interface, improving the flows between screens, improving internal functions and further increasing your security and privacy.

Midiacode is recognized as a platform that super protects the user. Your navigation, your personal data, accesses, your location and other sensitive data are maintained with the utmost responsibility and this update is part of this same policy that the company has followed since its creation.

If you got to this page it’s because you received an email, or you were redirected by the super app itself that is going through the update process. This page serves to confirm the legitimacy of the email you received, in case you have this doubt, and to give you more information about this complete process.

Although the super app update will happen for all users, this login update process via Google and Facebook only affects users who have logged in through their accounts on these platforms.

If you logged in by entering an email and creating a password for Midiacode (or other whitelabels), you will not need to follow this update process. They apply exclusively to customers who have logged in through Facebook or Google, as stated earlier.

If you are a user of a super whitelabel app created after October 2022, namely the Bookmídia, Mais Humanas, PITCHit apps, among others, you will not also need to perform this process, as your logins have already been created within the new security policies and privacy.


Main purpose of this update

With this update, we want to improve your security and privacy even further, following the new requirements of the app stores, ensuring that you can continue to log in with Google and Facebook within the super app that you have installed and that you can access all documents (CARDS and CHANNELS) that you captured before this update.


If you have logged into the super app with Google, please access this link… https://account-migration.midiacode.pt/ or click on the image above.


If you have logged into the super app with Facebook, please access this link and follow the step by step instructions on the page… https://fb-account-migration.midiacode.pt/ or click on the image above.

Below are some questions and answers that may help you understand this update even more.
Am I required to do this update?
Yes, if you want to continue using the application with your Google or Facebook account that you logged in before and if you want to keep the captured documents in complete safety.
If you prefer to do a new login, that is, using a new email, and if the captured documents are not of such importance to you, just do a new login, after reinstalling the new version of the super app.
Will I have to download any files or installers to my computer?
No, the entire process is done online (on the web) and there is no installer program or file download to your computer.
Is it possible to do this process in more than one whitelabel super app?
For now it will not be possible to use the same account in multiple super apps with this update. Only the original app in which the account was created. That is, if you create an account in the Avançar app, you will not be able to use the same login in Bookmidia. Only in the Avançar app. If you still need to use two whitelabels from Midiacode, to use the Bookmidia app, for instance, you will have to create a new account, using a different login email or a different Google or Facebook account.
Will I always have to do this account update?
No, it will only be this one time. We, at Midiacode, are making every possible effort to follow the security and privacy policies of the app stores and, at the same time, give the least amount of work to our users. As far as we can see, you’ll only have to do this update this one time, and you won’t need to do more.
What is a whitelabel?
Whitelabels are super apps developed by Midiacode for companies that use algorithms and share some of Midiacode’s infrastructure and systems on servers (cloud computing).
Some of these apps: Fiera Milano, Capelania Mackenzie, AETEC, Economistas, Europe Learners, Avançar, Paraiso+, Brasil na Palma da Mão, Abranet, Biacode, Genealogiq, DEX, Escoteiros SP, Best Pros, Clube das Divas, Happens in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte Surprising, ZumZum, among others.
What happens on this update if I logged in without an account?
All users without account will be logged out of Midiacode and will log in again. All content captured and interactions will be lost and the user will start with a brand new section. Important to highlight that all users that log in without an account are advised by the app that his history will not be kept once he changes mobile or log out. That’s the way we suggest you to create an account and have a cloud backup, never loosing your grabbed content.
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at support@midiacode.com