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If you just want to start using QR Codes or want a simple safe redirection to your website (or any other URL), get onboard and let us help you! Whenever you are ready to make a move and innovate with our advanced QR Codes or super apps, all you produced before will be easily used also.

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We’re a leading transmedia company, specializing in mobile content delivery through QR Codes, geofences, and other integrated technologies. Our unique Super App architecture deeply engages customers, making us a global trendsetter.

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Our offerings include last-gen QR Codes, Super apps, link shortening, geofences, digital business cards, hosting, analytics, microsite creation tool, media direct delivery, file hosting, traceability, and bulk creation. 

Our platform is the most complete and innovative for QR CODE campaigns. 

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Last generation QR Codes!

In general, people think that QR Codes are all the same, but they are not! 

Midiacode offers last-gen QR Codes with exclusive features, allowing you to deliver diverse content and links in a single code while easily changing the end-user experience behind it, through an
easy to use online platform.

Our QR Codes do not expire!

When talking to new customers, one of the most frequent questions is: does your qr code expire?

The answer is NO. You can keep the same QR Code on your projects, being for smart packaging or smart places, rest in peace with a never ending experience with our codes.


Create your QR Codes, Geofences, Short Links, Super Apps, Digital Business Cards and many other kind of content with your team!

Manage who can edit, view and publish your content at any time.

MIDIACODE, creating connections!

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We have several super cool ideas of where you can apply QR Codes, Super Apps, Short Links and other of our unique suite of solutions!

Shorten and manage your URLs with analytics and more
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Our technology allows you to expand the app's functionality quickly and at an affordable cost.
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Put a state-of-the-art QR Code on your product and connect with your consumer, directly, with no intermediaries and deliver relevant content to them!
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Keep your products and prices always up to date
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Make your digital business card
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“Midiacode, as a Smart Packaging solution with QR Codes, helped us perfectly and the support is always ready when I needed. The score to Midiacode platform? 10! If I would recommend Midiacode to other companies? For sure!”
Aline zacarias
Shiseido Cosmetics
"In addition to the Midiacode QR Code having helped Claro to create a greater connection and present in the palm of the customer's hand, their service and competence make all the difference."
Claro - America Movil
“An important platform for companies and organizations that want to embed digital transformation in their services and products.”
Eduardo Neger
Abranet president
"I'd like to start by saying that I really liked the platform, and I see a lot of added value for everything we need in terms of communication and collaboration."
Cesar Ribeiro

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